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This site was created to aggregate a list of answers and possible answers for the Lionshead puzzle caps for Lionshead fans to enjoy. We are not affilated at all with the actual Lion Brewery...just really big fans of their reasonable and epic brew flavor.

Lion Brewery is located in in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Under each Lionshead Beer Bottle Cap is a rebus, also known a pictograph or puzzle that creates a common saying.

So please submit your Lionshead puzzle cap answers, remember to leave your name, the puzzle cap number and pharse/rebus. If you feel a Lionshead puzzle cap answer is incorrect tell us, so we can correct it.

At some point we will have a link on every answered pharse/rebus to an actual picture of the lionshead puzzle cap.

The Proper Way To Play The Rebus Puzzles is not yelp out the answer once you got it. This ends the fun for everyone. So, the rule is once you have the answer, you simply say "GOT IT!" and pass the cap. Then, once everyone has figured the puzzle out or gives up, the answers can be said aloud.

Please submit your suggestions, comments and thoughts on the contact page.

Have a great day and enjoy your Lionsheads deluxe pilsner...the best head in town.